About Us

Gettha Agency is a travel & tours agency opened to any individual who is passionate about traveling and exploring new regions.

Even though our business is geared towards education and medical tourism, we do however open doors full of adventures, dreams and pleasures to satisfy our clients.

Through a range of activities, you will have the opportunity to explore the different facets of the South African history and other countries herewith mentioned. Be assured that by combining business with pleasure, we have what it takes to beautify your stay.


The purpose of this site is to give access to everyone across Africa and the rest of the world the chance to meet agents that are experienced in providing assistance and orientation to every type of guests.

This site gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the types of services we offer, to know those who are suitable for candidates who wish to travel for leisure purposes, vocational training, for linguistic or to visit medical specialists. It offers specific information that could be beneficial:

  • To students, (at all levels of education: pre-school, secondary and higher education institutions); to businessmen and businesswomen;
  • To employees, who would like to take specific training programs of their personal choice to improve themselves;
  • To public and private companies wishing to send their employees to attend special programs according to the needs of their businesses.
  • And to tourists and other visitors, who wish to enjoy their time in South Africa, for honeymoons or family getaways, share the same opportunities as they have the chance to find in this site the information, which will also be beneficial to them.

For more information please take a look at our services.