Education & Training

English school placement: This service consists of finding pre-registration letters from english schools, to people who wish to study english, (which is today an important language of communication in the world of business). As well as to students who would like to persue their higher education in South Africa. The concerned candidates are:

  • Businessmen and Businesswomen
  • Employees
  • Tourists
  • Grate 12 Students (with matric certificate preferably)
  • University students who have completed or not yet completed their diplomas.

We offer two types of assistance with regards to the enrollment into English schools or institutions who offer english programs:

Simple linguistic training: This program is made of English courses offered at English schools only. Available for: (businessmen, businesswomen, employees, students’ and tourists on holidays etc.).

Composed linguistic training: This program is made of English courses offered by English schools followed by an additional training program to either: an external institution or with a qualified private teacher according to the candidate’ needs.

Example of composed Linguistic program:

  • English & computers
  • English for Secretaries and personal assistants
  • English & hospitality/ Tourism
  • English for business
  • English for engineers (crude oil, energy, mining, gas, hydrocarbon)
  • English for general aviation
  • English for export & import (Trades)
  • English for Health and safety plus environment
  • Teach the teachers (Teachers’ training program; special programs to those who want to teach English as a foreign language). Etc.

NB: Volunteering and communities programmes: Please note that we also assist candidates with volunteer and communities placements, as another way to learn English. (for more information regarding these programmes, please contact us).

How do we process your registration?:

  • We send you the list of document to provide.
  • We help you to compile your documents before your arrival into the chosen country.
  • We help you to choose the convenient english programme, according to your need and your budget.
  • We send you the pre – registration letter.
  • We confirm your dates of arrival.
  • We confirm your booking.
  • We send you the pro forma invoice (s).
  • You make the payment, and send us proof of payment.
  • We send you the letter of confirmation (acceptance letter) upon receipt of the payment.

Universities placement including institutions of higher education:

If you wish to pursue your studies in South Africa, we offer assistance to all candidates by applying in any institutions of higher education; it can be universities, Technikons, or colleges. (For more information in these institutions, please feel free to contact us).

In some cases, the procedure of obtaining acceptance letters or pre-registration letters takes more times than expected. It is important to note that the South African education system is different to other systems; therefore it requires a bit of patience.

NB: How do we help you to get ready for your enrolment?:

1) If you are still in your country of origine, we send you the list of documents to provide.

2) We suggest that all your documents be translated in english, in your country before your arrival; if you can’t, then we can assist you while you are here.

3) We help you to compile your documents before your arrival into the chosen country.

4) We help you to choose the convenient programme, according to your study background and your school results. If you coming from grade 12 and you don’t know what to do, we also advise you.

5) We help you to chose the institution which best suits your needs, and which suits your budget at the same time.

6) We provide you with the necessary and accurate information regarding the chosen institution, and your chosen programmes; and we tell you when to start submitting your application forms.

7) We send you the overall costs related to your studies.

8) The only thing you need to do is to get prepared for your arrival.

NB: please note that we offer one to one orientation services to students as well as class group orientation. (5 to 10 people per group), feel free to make an appointment. Conditions apply.

Translation and interpretation: We offer this service to people who would like to translate their documents : from french to English, and vice versa.

The interpretation services are mainly  reserved to businessmen/women, patients, tourists and to new people who are here for short periods. Especially for conferences, business meetings, medical consultations and many more…

NB:  Please not that we offer airport transfer to all our clients. (Arrival and departure)