Giving back to the communities

At Gettha Agency, we believe in social responsibilities as a way to empower the communities. It is our duty to make sure that we play a role in the development of the community around us. Giving back to those communities has become a life style, an exercise that we do, without being forced to do that. Our role is not only to donate material to those communities; we teach them values, respect, obedience, care and love to one another. 

We teach them ways to grow spiritually according to the will of the God, and to grow in such extend that they could learn how to start up small businesses that will help them to sustain their families and to finally be independent.We create time to listen to their needs, we counsel them and we cover their demands at the best of our abilities. We also create time to laugh, to eat, to play and to share the word of God. It is with joy that the whole team goes back to the office rejoicing because we put a smile onto somebody’s face.

Donation: we receive every kind of demands from the needy; please feel free to be part of this project if you are lead to do that. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any form of donation you would like to give to any community through us.

Remember, what you no longer need is precious for somebody who doesn’t have!