Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a concept where health is combined with leisure. We have designed packages that are suitable and affordable to our clienteles, by providing services that revolve around this concept.Medical aid assistance: We offer this service to people who wish to reside in South Africa for a period going from three (6) months upwards; by obtaining a medical insurance from the medical aid societies which are recognised by the South African embassies that are outside the republic of South Africa.
NB: please note that Embassies often requests applicants to have medical aids
 in their application form  for the visa.

NB: How do we process your registration?:

1) You send us your request;

2) We choose amongst the medical aid that are available, one that could be suitable for you.

3) We send you the medical ads’s requirements;

4) If you agree, you choose from the package offered what is suitable for you.

5) We send you the invoice, and you make the payment.

6) As soon as we receive the payment from you, we proceed the payment with the medical aid.

7) Together with the proof of payment, we proceed your application to the medical aid.

8) When it done, we receive the confirmation letter from them, and we send that letter to you immediately.

9) As soon as you get that letter, you join it to your application form for the visa.

Medical Assistance for people who are sick:This Service has been specially designed to assist everyone who is sick and who would like to come to South Africa for a checkup. Our duty is to make available all the information suitable to the patient’ needs. By making sure that the patient is well oriented before he/she leaves his/her country of origin ; on his/her arrival and during his/her stay in South Africa. For more than 3 years we have assisted patients who came for various cases ranging from: Severe ulcers; fibroids; gallstones, female cancers ( breast, uterus); secondary infertility; In vitro fertilisation; lymphodema, births and diabetis etc…

The services include:

Organising appointments with the doctors (general practitioners) /specialists;

  • Translating the patient’s documentation before departure; as well as the medical’results.
  • Finding accommodation if necessary, according to the patient’s needs and budget.
  • Return airport transfer guaranteed.
  • Present during consultations

NB: How do we process your booking?:

1) You send us your request, as well as all the information regarding your case;

2) You get all your relevant documents translated before sending them;

3) Based on the information on your file, we’ll approach a potential doctor, based on the doctor’s opinion and analysis, we send you the procedure to follow.

4) We also send you all the costs involve; and if you agree we could also agree on the terms of payment.

5) In addition to this service, we’ll also offer you other services in order to make your life easier.

6) If you agree, you choose from the package offered what is suitable for you.

7) In some case some clinics or doctors require payment before arrival; especially if there is a request for a letter for the visa.

8) As soon as everything is concluded, the patient can now come.

Beauty: This service has especially been designed to assist women who would like to come to South Africa to refresh themselves and give themselves a new look. This section is for women who would like to do some plastic surgery around areas of their bodies that they don’t feel comfortable with; or for those who would like to do some spa treatments.

  • Our duty is to provide accurate information suitable to the patient’ needs.
  • Organising all the bookings with the chosen beauty therapist and the chosen plastic surgeon.