My name is Randy Junior I am from Gabon and am 14 years old. I want to thank Gettha Agency for assisting when I was sick. I came to Cape Town twice to see the doctors, they took care of me, took me the hospital and the staff was with me all the time, it made me feel welcomed.

Randy Junior
Hi my name is Armel Taty I’m from Gabon; I contacted Gettha Agency to help me with my orientation in Cape Town. They planed my arrival, got me the best English school and nice accommodation. I was impressed with the level and the quality of their services; I will not hesitate to recommend people. I really enjoyed myself in Cape Town.

Armel Taty
Hello my name is Mrs Soumaoro, am from Cote d’Ivoire, this is the second time I come to Cape Town from my English programme through Gettha Agency. I’m proud of the whole team and grateful to the services and the assistance they provide. Keep it up!

Mrs Soumaoro
My name is Lucie Bouanga Mouketou, I came to Cape Town for medical assistance, and thanks to Gettha Agency I was able to deliver my baby safely, under the great support and supervision of the whole team. At the beginning we hesitated, but we left very satisfied and since then we do not hesitate to recommend Gettha Agency to our friends.

Lucie Bouanga Mouketou