Tours & Excursions

Cape Town

Cape Town’s beauty lies in its diversity. Come and explore the scenery nature and history South Africa as a whole has to offer. Then if you are looking for a place to renew your mind and refresh yourself, please come to Cape Town. Every second counts, therefore enjoy every moment, every activity and attraction; come to explore, live and experience Cape Town the mother city. Open yourself to discovery and experience the beauty at its fullness. And we have what it takes to offer you the best tours to enrich your stay. From a simple shopping tour, to golf tour, wine testing, adventure and culture tours, to half or full day safari tours.

Shopping Assistance: We assist everyone who wish to do some shopping in South Africa (especially in Cape Town). Please contact the agency in order to obtain the list of the authorised products. Shopping is often profitable between the period of November to March, due sometimes, to the diversity of the products available on the market and to the various sales and promotions. Please note that if you cannot come yourself to Cape Town, it’s not a problem, we can still assist you. For more information on the procedure, please contact us.

Tours and Excursions bookings: Cape Town has several tourist sites and tourist attractions, which sometimes can cut your breath out. Our objective is to ensure that you have at least visited one of these beautiful sites before your departure, in the most pleasant conditions. We organise and plan your excursion/tours by ensuring you that your security is our priority. We also give you the choice to create your own itinerary if necessary.

Tours are available from small groups (5 guests ) to big groups. Please send us your enquiry and we will send you our packages and itinerary for your tours.

NB: All prices for the excursions/tours are subject to changes, sometimes due to the seasons or to the monetary inflation.

Young Learner Programme: This programme is designed for kids and scholars. It is often run during their holiday’s periods from July up until early September.

It is a full programme rich in activities, education, cultural exchange, discovery and adventure. Children from various countries come to Cape Town and meet in a new environment that is secured and full of joy. Most of the time young learners stay around from 2 to 4 weeks exploring Cape Town and discovering their ability to leave in a new social environment.

The packages offered are designed to suit their mood; we make sure we have lots of fun and interesting activities.

The programme is a platform to learn different cultures from each other; it is also an opportunity to learn English and to bond together as a new family.

Activities include: (drawing, painting, knitting, creating, building, cooking, eating out and sport).

Adventure includes: (touring, discovering, kids games, attraction areas etc..).

Accommodation: (children are accommodated either in host families or guest houses, in secured areas that are well- maintained environment).

Transport: children under supervision of our team members make use of our public transport especially our new buses (transit buses) to travel from their accommodation to school or to shopping malls or nearby adventure sites. For long distance destination, we make use of shuttle services.

Food & beverage: children are offered healthy food, proper breakfast, light lunch and proper diner, with fruits and juice. In some fun occasions children get some chance to eat out as it brings more fun, nice ambiance and it changes from the accommodation setting.

Tourism in Gabon

Gettha Agency invites you to Gabon, a sunny, charming and exotic country in Central Africa; located between the Congo – Brazzaville, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.

It is a sparsely populated country, but very much cosmopolitan and largely open to business activities. There, the flora and fauna are rich and naturally beautiful; which enabled the creation of 13 national parks. Among many tourism activities in Gabon you can find 3 different types of tourism:

Seaside tourism: Gabon is bordered to the south by the Atlantic Ocean, making it a place where all those seeking tranquility, sun and sea will be served. Many beautiful beaches such as those caps Santa Clara, Estérias and Pointe Denis are the perfect places to relax. If you desire to explore one of those beaches, Gettha Agency can plan for you a tailored package according to your desires and budget.

Cultural and historical tourism: Tell the life and describe the evolution of the people those days: the rock art sites, those of the Iron Age in the Lope Reserve; others sites talking about slavery and the slave trading; the religious sites presbytery Spiritan missionaries of Saint-Paul De Donguila, mission Sindara … allow people to share their stories. Gettha Agency offers many packages to get you around the city and to those different sites with a friendly English speaking guide.

Green tourism: There are 13 national parks in the country; all contain various beauties that attract the curiosity of tourists.

Many different plant and animal species, as well as canyons, waterfalls, forests, savannahs form part of these beauties.

Don’t hesitate to contact Gettha Agency to get our choices of nature packages for the nature lovers.

For those you wish to invest in Gabon, please feel free to contact us. Unlike certain African countries, Gabon is still a stable country open to others. Gettha Agency is here to facilitate the information and introduction you into the require business environment officials in Gabon.

Gabao as local call it, is the land of hope, the ‘Eldorado’ of the modern times.

Blessed territory, rich with diversity and exceptional scenery!

Most known for its underground treasures such as oil, gold, precious stones, numerous gazes and mineral, it has attracted investors from around the world.

A stable country with a continuous growing economy, will win you over with diversity of its landscape. Fall head over heel in love with the captivating savannas, the mysterious and dense forest or the idyllic beaches!

But we warn you, the eclectic and welcoming communities will make you want to stay forever! Different tribes, with a beautiful and fascinating cultures, rites and tradition populated the territory along a global a very dense cosmopolitan habitants all over the country.

You have guessed it…whoever you are, we are ready to welcome you:

• In quest for a new field of investment? You can stop looking, book with us and began a journey of success

• Wanting the ideal holiday destination? (For small, medium or big groups); all hope will be met where the sun is always up for the party; the sceneries are breath

taking and the experience guaranty to be exceptional.

• Imagine your wedding under the tropic, your honeymoon or a romantic getaway in Gabon; we have what it takes to satisfy your adventure mood.


There is a lifetime of adventures for you, one journey won’t be enough, and Gettha Agency will be with you all the way!