Wedding Planning

“whoever get a wife get a good thing, and has the approval of the Lord….” Prov.18:22A wedding will take you a day but a marriage will take you a life time; and this starts from the day you wed. At Gettha Agency, we believe in quality and good service.

We don’t offer services that are ok, good or great, we offer services that are breath taking: that are excellent!

  • We make sure that the groom and the bride are relief from their stress, and have constant report of the development of their future event.
  • We plan people’s wedding by bringing fun into the organization and the planning of the whole event. It helps to relax and work easily.
  • We make sure that nothing is left behind as we go through the check list in a regular basis.

Because we believe that there is no such thing as small businesses when it comes to events we then make sure that whosoever who would like to get married and who do not have enough resources, can also get the wedding of their dream through us with the budget that they have.